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Real Estate Law For The Twin Cities

Residential And Commercial Leases ◊ Residential And Commercial Sales ◊ Litigation

If you are considering entering into a residential or commercial lease or contemplating buying or selling residential or commercial property, you want an experienced lawyer to guide you through the process. Real estate transactions can be complex, involving many detailed documents. You want an attorney with a comprehensive understanding of the laws, procedures and documentation involved, one who has successfully protected the rights of others in similar circumstances.

The attorneys of Tarrant & Liska, P.L.L.C., bring decades of experience to individuals and businesses throughout the Twin Cities metro area who need legal advice on real estate matters. We take a results-oriented approach, helping you identify and resolve any potential problems and meet your objectives. We emphasize personal service and attention, working directly with you at all times and promptly responding to your calls and emails.

Our Real Estate Practice

We handle a broad range of legal issues involving residential and commercial real estate, including:

  • The review and preparation of leases. We will represent either side in all matters related to commercial and residential leases, from the preparation and review of documents to landlord-tenant disputes, including eviction proceedings and other housing court disputes such as eviction expungements.
  • The sale or purchase of real property. We will protect your rights at all stages of the sale or purchase of real estate, from the negotiation of terms to the closing. We will prepare all the documents required to complete your transaction, from the purchase agreement to any deed, mortgage, financing agreement, easement or restrictive covenant required.
  • Property agreements. We can help you draft agreements concerning property, including agreements between people who are not legally married or easements.
  • Foreclosure proceedings and loan modifications, including short sales. We will help you identify your options when faced with foreclosure and can negotiate directly with your lender to either modify the terms of your loan or get approval for the short sale of your property.
  • Mechanic’s liens. We can assist you in filing and foreclosing a mechanic’s lien or defending against one being asserted by your contractor.
  • Torrens registration and related proceedings, used to prove ownership of real estate. We can handle the registration or subsequent Torrens proceeding or assert a claim you might have in such an action.
  • Quiet title actions and boundary line disputes. We can start or defend against any of these actions.
  • Other real estate litigation, including partition actions. We can represent you in such actions.
  • Guidance in group home land use matters, including setting up such homes under existing zoning ordinances.

Questions About Real Estate?

No real estate matter is too small for us to handle. We understand that you often need a quick and effective answer to a very specific problem. We can help. Please see our page listing Real Estate Frequently Asked Questions or contact us today.

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We offer an initial consultation to all real estate clients. Contact our office or call us at 651-315-8738 (toll-free at 888-342-2493) to set up an appointment. Evening and weekend meetings are available upon request.

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