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Need Legal Help With Probate And Estate Administration?

Probate and estate administration are complex processes that can nearly always gain substantial benefit from the guidance and/or representation of an experienced lawyer. Our law firm helps personal representatives (executors), heirs, devisees, trustees and other beneficiaries ensure the proper settling of estate plans, wills and trusts they are named in.

We have decades of experience assisting clients throughout the Twin Cities metro area navigate the probate process, and we provide comprehensive representation in contested will litigation cases.

Estate law is our primary focus. We can help today.
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Probate Guidance And Representation To Accomplish Your Goals

Assets are classified as probate or nonprobate assets:

  • Probate assets will require the use of some form of probate process to get them properly distributed.
  • Nonprobate assets, such as a life insurance policy payable to a specific surviving person, will not require the court’s help to administer or pass on.

Steering You From Legal Trouble

The guidance of an experienced attorney familiar with the transfer of assets, tax implications, resolution of creditors’ claims and proper classification of assets is important to ensure legal protections and proper distributions. For instance, if the estate of the survivor is at risk for the payment of estate taxes, it may be advisable to use a disclaimer to avoid estate taxes, even if use of the disclaimer will result in a probate being required.

Our attorneys prepare and file all documents required by the probate court or trust administration. We are your advocates in all hearings or proceedings, handling informal and formal proceedings of all types, including:

  • Contested probates
  • Uncontested probates
  • Decrees of descent
  • Summary administrations
  • Ancillary probates
  • Affidavits for collections
  • Affidavits of survivorships
  • Disclaimers

We work with you to prepare and file the inventory and accounting of assets of the estate, pay all final debts and taxes of the deceased, and oversee the orderly distribution of assets in accordance with the terms of the will, Minnesota intestate law or trust.

Talk With An Experienced Attorney 

At Tarrant & Liska, P.L.L.C., your needs come first. Our St. Paul probate attorneys are attentive and responsive throughout our service to you. We are problem-solvers and advocate for your best interests. We offer an initial half-hour consultation and by request, we will travel to meet with clients.

Call us at 651-315-8738 (toll-free at 888-342-2493). Evening and weekend meetings are available upon request. Our offices are conveniently located on Concordia Avenue, just off Snelling Avenue.

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