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What Can Be Done To Make Our Legal Services More Affordable?

Hiring an attorney to assist you is a major financial commitment. Litigation is the most expensive form of legal assistance we provide because it is so labor-intensive, but even estate planning or drafting documents may result in bills that cannot be covered within your normal monthly budget.

Know that we try to work with our clients so that they get the help they need when they need it. Beyond that, there are things you can do to help.

  • We are less expensive the more organized you are.
    • Before you come to see us, ask us what information you should have gathered or decisions you need to think about.
    • Write down questions that you have so that we can be sure to address them before you leave the meeting.
    • On our webpage for estate planning, we have links to worksheets that indicate the kind of information that we will need from you.
  • If you are doing estate planning, talk with us about a payment plan.
    • We can usually work something out with you so that you pay us over time.
    • We want you to have the documents if you should need them and do not want you to postpone coming to see us or finishing the process while you work on paying the bill.
  • If you are starting a probate or a guardianship/conservatorship, it is not unusual for there to be no money to pay bills now.
    • Usually, there will be money once the probate or conservatorship has started.
    • There might be a delay even after the probate or conservatorship has started while a major asset is sold.
    • We may ask you to cover the court filing fee and publication expenses and then agree to wait on payment of our bill until you have authority and liquidity to do so.
  • If you are applying for a guardianship for a loved one who does not have any money, ask us whether it is possible to proceed “in forma pauperis.”
    • “In forma pauperis” is the legal term for a process that is used when the court waives the fees and may pay the attorney expenses. Different counties have different procedures for qualifying for this status when applying for a guardianship of a person with no assets.
  • Be upfront and initiate a conversation with us about the fees.
    • We may not be able to do everything you want for the price you want, but it is better to have discussed things and educated yourself on your choices than it is to wait until you get the bill. By then, the ability to have chosen a less expensive option is closed.
  • In litigation or other matters, there may be tasks that you can do.
    • You may decide that you do not want to hire us to handle everything but instead provide what are called “unbundled services.”
      • For instance, conciliation court is a court that is structured to allow you to represent yourself. If you have a conciliation court matter, the amount involved may not justify hiring an attorney. But you may feel more comfortable going into conciliation court if you have consulted with an attorney before appearing in the court.

Our Estate Law Attorneys Want To Help

We can help you determine the most efficient and effective way to resolve your legal matters with the help of our professional services at reasonable rates. We are happy to discuss options with you in order to help you achieve your best possible outcome.

We are conveniently located on Concordia Avenue, just off Snelling Avenue, in St. Paul. Call us at 651-315-8738 (toll-free at 888-342-2493), or contact us by email to schedule a meeting with one of our attorneys.

Payment plans can be arranged, and Visa and Mastercard are welcome.

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