Tarrant & Liska, PLLC assists clients who have to sue someone or who are being sued by someone in Minnesota state courts. We handle cases in the principal areas of law in which we practice, i. e. probates, conservatorships/guardianships, trusts, real estate and general business law. We also can assist clients who have issues involving consumer law. Examples are:

Probates: will contests (lack of capacity, undue influence and procedural errors); disputes involving the probate process; demands for accountings

Conservatorships/guardianships: challenges to petitions for guardianships; challenges to petitions for conservatorships; request for or challenges to restoration of capacity; demands for accounting

Trusts: challenges to trusts based on lack of capacity or undue influence; demands for accountings; challenges to trustee's transactions

Real Estate: litigation involving title problems; foreclosures defense; mechanic's lien claims and foreclosures; litigation involving easements and encroachments, land use issues

Business Law: disputes between business partners; disputes with suppliers or customers

Consumer Law: disputes concerning cars, loans, or services.

Having to sue someone or being sued is not a fortunate event. It is scary, emotionally unpleasant and often very expensive. We attempt to provide you guidance and educate you as to options. We try to look at the larger picture and help you identify your goals and problem solve. If it is necessary to fight, we will fight hard for you.

We are also open to trying to work with clients who want to handle the litigation themselves but want help in understanding the process or drafting the appropriate documents. This is sometimes called unbundled services.

Our clients have included individuals, businesses, a small bank, not-for-profit entities, contractors, architects, and restaurant supply companies. Cases that Tarrant & Liska, PLLC has been involved in that have been appealed so that there is an appellate record include:

In Re: Estate of Moldenhauer, 2009 WL 173867 (Minn. App. 2009)

Gellert v. Eginton, 770 N.W.2d 190 (Minn. App. 2009)

In Re: Iwen, 2003 WL 21007240 (Minn. App. 2003)

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